Sponge Nation

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Welcome to Sponge Nation!!!

Welcome To SpongeNation!

hOLA and WELCOME to SpongeNation! A Minecraft server developed by Soxyoisy and DavinoCraft, & our Co-Owner is Taurus1X . We at SpongeNation would like to give players a FUN AND GREAT Time! IMPORTANT! Minecraft Server is a BUKKIT SERVER! Meaning Server is not 24/7 But Is opening from 3PM (EST) - 11 PM (EST) OVER 8 HOURS! :D

Please join the server and feel free to browse through our website and ALL DONATIONS go to the SERVER! And Upgrading it! Donate to the server for FUN, COOL AMAZING Perks! Dont worry your money will be safe! :)

Thanks for joining SpongeNation!



hOLA! If you would like to DONATE please go to the 'DONATION CENTER' And donate the amount you would like. ALL DONATIONS GO TO THE SERVER! After you donate you will receive the rank you donated for. If you would like to apply for STAFF go to the 'Staff Application' and apply for staff. ALL APPLICATIONS will be read by Me (Soxyoisy) or (DavinoCraft). IF your application is accepted you will be given your rank, however if its rejected, please try again and improve on it! :D

Thank you